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We specialize in total laminating products & services and serve customers across a wide range of industries,
ranging from the automotive and electrical industries, Bag and Shoe industries to Furniture and Construction industries. 
Our company also acts as a one stop service for business to business companies as we cover other products & services such as Adhesive Coating,
Cutting & Slitting, Punching & Fabricating, Screening and Silicone paper. All products & services come in both standard sizes and customized according to customer order.


Contact us :

15/19-15/20 M.7 T.Samrongtai A.Phrapradaeng Samutprakarn 10130
Tel : 02 383 0496-7 (TH), 089-200-7992 (TH/EN), 080-269-4256 (TH/EN)
E-mail :
Line@ : @mekkere


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